Our Gallery of GardensBeforeAfter - A Colorful, Ocean-Friendly GardenBeforeAfter - A Backyard Garden RetreatBeforeAfter - A Thriving Widlife HabitatAfter - A Thriving Widlife HabitatBeforeAfter - Directing Water Run-off to the GardenBeforeAfter - An Inviting Garden SanctuaryBeforeAfter - A Mediterranean Succulent GardenBeforeAfter - Capturing Water Run-off in a Garden BioswaleBeforeAfter - A Mediterranean Butterfly GardenBeforeAfter - A Water-Wise Garden EcosystemAfter - A Water-Wise Garden EcosystemBeforeAfter - Welcome Home!BeforeAfter - A Vibrant Front Yard GardenBeforeAfter - A Peaceful Garden RetreatBeforeAfter - A Native Plant Garden Habitat (New Installation)After - A Native Plant Garden Habitat (1 Year Later)After - A Native Plant Garden Habitat (2 Years Later)After - A Native Plant Garden Habitat (2 Years Later)A New Front EntranceA Natural Boulder Low-Maintenance Fountain for the BirdsA Little Zen in the Garden

From Concept & Design to Installation 

Let Nature by Design create your dream garden landscape that is drought-tolerant, low maintenance and supports a rich wildlife habitat filled with native plants and the birds and butterflies they attract.

Serving West Ventura County and Thousand Oaks communities

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